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Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Call us today 855.984.1775

Our Story

It all started with an idea...

Behind Babel Health is an extraordinary group of people who truly understand the difficulty of risk adjustment. Our band of passionate problem-solvers includes talented healthcare, operations, product development and customer service professionals who share our vision of a smart, streamlined risk adjustment submissions process.

How Our Story Began…

Four years ago, Babel Health’s founders developed a uniquely comprehensive data validation tool. They approached a healthcare-industry colleague who instantly recognized this tool’s potential in remedying the headaches inherent with risk adjustment data submissions. Between changing compliance requirements, limited transparency into or control of their data and ongoing challenges related to the transition from RAPS to EDPS, payers were leaving a lot of money on the table —
billions, in fact.

Our people harnessed their collective energy, enthusiasm and expertise, and stepped up to embrace this challenge. The result is an end-to-end solution that empowers health plans like yours to manage their risk adjustment submissions with never-before accuracy, ease and efficiency.

Control Your Submissions. Control Your Costs.

Featuring user-friendly, customer-centric tools, Babel Health’s integrated SaaS ETL (extract-transform-load) data management platform allows you to take control of a highly complex process and solve the issues that are hurting your bottom line. We help you reduce the time and expense associated with risk adjustment submissions while optimizing your revenue opportunities.

A Partner That Speaks Your Language

“Customer focus” is more than just a buzzword for us. With Babel Health, you always have a knowledgeable, dedicated team of subject matter experts in your corner. Our people are well-versed in risk adjustment language and the challenges you face each day. Whether you have a compliance question or need technical help, we’re in this together.

Our story has only just begun. Babel Health will continue to break down barriers in the risk adjustment submissions process to better serve our customers — one conversation, one custom solution, one line of code at a time.

Our Core Values

What we're all about



Integrity is the foundation on which our company, product and relationships are built. We will demonstrate this through ethical, honest and consistent interactions with our customers, employees and business partners.



Accountability is key to keeping our promises and meeting our deadlines. We will foster a culture in which company goals, project statuses and measurable results are clearly communicated and employees are empowered to take ownership.


Customer Focus

Customer focus is more than just a buzzword for us. It's being proactive—anticipating and planning for our customers' needs and understanding their challenges, pains and objectives. Above all, it's about showing that we care.



Innovation is the hallmark of a successful technology company. Great ideas can come from anywhere—we welcome suggestions for new solutions and improvements to existing ones from our employees, customers and partners.



Democratization of data has been the primary goal of our solution from the start. By opening up access to and control of their data, we give business users the ability to do their job without having to rely on IT staff or outside vendors.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement of our platform enables us to enhance our customers' experience through streamlined processes and increased productivity. We are dedicated to the timely implementation of improvements throughout the organization.

Company Executives

Meet our experts

Robert Dunn
Chairman/President & CEO
Debra Kircher
Vice President, Operations
Sree Turlapati
Vice President, Product Development
Teig Boyle
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Sharon McCarthy
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Meet our directors

Robert Dunn
Chairman/President & CEO
Chris Palmieri
President & CEO Commonwealth Care Alliance
Oron Strauss
Chairman & Co-Founder
Mike Stubler
Managing Director at Draper Triangle Ventures
Steve Christensen
Vice President of Strategic Investments at Highmark Ventures

Board Advisors

Meet our board

Mark Pacala
Board Member
Alan Hoops
Board Member
Mark Tobias
Board Member
Richard Zoretic
Board Member