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Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Call us today 855.984.1775

The best products take really deep subject matter and embed it in a fun, easy-to-use tool that almost disappears into the background, allowing us to focus our analytical skills on the things the technology can't.

Key Ingredients for a Fantastic Product

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Automation

  • Speed

  • Fun

Mark Tobias
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Mark Tobias’s technical background includes the design and development of database management systems, custom web applications, server farms, e-commerce transactions, and SaaS products. He has developed and managed consulting methodologies and sales strategies for the products and services he has designed.


Mark has led the development of innovative technology solutions for scores of the nation’s top health care organizations, including MNCM, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s AF4Q, National Quality Forum, AHRQ, URAC, The Leapfrog Group, and the National eHealth Collaborative. Making data actionable for key decision makers and users is central to Mark’s leadership and approach. He also helped manage the successful growth and eventual sale of Net.Capitol to, where he worked as the COO of Netivation’s Votenet political division (now Votenet Solutions, Inc.).


Additionally, Mark has taught classes and lectured on numerous topics including: innovative uses of the Internet for non-profits, content management systems, highavailability hosting, uses of the Internet in educational environments, web development, database management systems, management of outsourcing, electronic commerce, and Internet marketing in politics.

My Education

Bachelor's Degree (Political Science)
Washington and Lee University

My Experience

Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director & Co-Founder
MOST Ventures, LLC

My Portfolio

Performance Measurement
Platforms that create and deploy new healthcare performance measures and guide decision makers to act on those measures.
Public Reporting
A national website builder tool for health care organizations to use in publicly reporting the performance of health care in their communities.
Policy Maker Networks
A global hub for best practices in health policies that advance cardiovascular care.
An online portal to facilitate the accreditation of health plans participating in the new health care law’s Health Insurance Exchanges and collect data on several measures of care.