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Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Transforming Risk Adjustment Through Insight, Transparency and Control
Call us today 855.984.1775

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All Payers shouldn't be all complicated.

If your Plan is one of the many states that have established “all-payer claims databases” (or APCDs) to collect health insurance claims information in order to reduce the cost and increase the quality of health care, you’re facing a unique set of challenges. Payers can include private health insurers, Medicaid, children’s health insurance and state employee health benefit programs, prescription drug plans, dental insurers, self-insured employer plans and Medicare. All of which need to provide service-level encounter data to the State to validate report cost, use and quality information. To make things more complex, the encounter formats and reporting requirements to gather that data differs from program to program and collection rules vary from state to state.


At Babel, we want to simplify the way you manage all-payer’s submissions by giving you a single platform that is compatible across all lines of business and allows you to be compliant with your State’s rules and requirements. Our suite of integrated tools gives you immediate access to submission status, the ability to correct errors and resubmit on your timeline, as well as insight into how you can improve your processes. With Babel, all-payers doesn’t have to be all complicated.


Our fully integrated suite enables your health plan to:

  • Import any file format – from multiple sources
  • Consolidated data across multiple lines of business
  • Validate data records against State edit requirements prior to submission
  • Easily manage response and error reports
  • Rank and prioritize error correction and resubmission activities
  • Identify trends and Provider/Member education opportunities
  • Measure progress to contractual performance and actuarial goals
  • Analyze data and produce reports
  • Enable the business owner/eliminate IT reliance